The Falcon District


I am having trouble finding a scale that works for The Falcon District quest.  I have tried multiple times.  I divided each of the actual toom distances by two to put on the map.  Each distance on the map is half of the distance of the building ruins.  Marabola tells me that some but not all of my buildings fit the scale of 1:2.  For the same map, she also tells me that the scale of 1:6 works for some but not all of the buildings.  I would appreciate any and all help you could give me!

i'm having the same problem. My buildings are all to scale 1:6. Does orientation matter? Do I need to rotate them all 90 degrees right or left? Does spacing between the buildings matter? I've tried a few times, but can't get past this.

I tried 1:3 then 1:6 (so that I could get the spacing between buildings closer). Neither worked.  Rotating 90 degrees won't change the scale but it WILL fix the problem!