A few ideas

This is a very wonderful tool for use in education.  I commend all of the work that has been done on it.  I have a few suggestions.  First of all I believe it would be beneficial to add a leveling system in the game; some way to judge how far an individual has come in their travels.  Also, I may be missing it, but I do not see a place to spend your money.  Perhaps you could add a way to spend money (I agree with paying for a travel system, a comment made on another topic in the opinions and ideas sections).  Finally, I believe some sort of a combat system would make the game interesting.  I understand that this is a game for educational purposes, but perhaps there is a way to add combat without violence or death.  Perhaps an 'avatar' sort of setup.  These are just a few points I believe can make this a more productive tool in the classroom.  It is a very wonderful development, and it is very evident that a great deal of hard, quality work has been put into making this great resource.  I wish you the best in the future development of this game! Best wishes!