First impressions are the best!

First Impression:     -Awesome Music, Probably the thing that lured me in the most. Maybe more tracks later on for the same map, but still great composition!(Most players may want their own music, so have an option to config the sound menu!)    -Intro misleading, Like were just put into some world with not task or tutorials that pop up. I understand that it is an early game, but I would strongly recommend to put in a pop up tutorial showing the "UI" layout, how to move, what your goal is here. Welcome the player to your world! Let them be happy to start on this game instead of just letting them lead themselves.    -(Have a dedicated options menu, just a tip but players tend to like to know what every button does or can be use, and whether or not they can switch them to their personal fits)-Inside the game    -When changing maps you SHOULD... (emphasis on should for this is your game) make it walk enabled. So instead of clicking the map, when you hit the warp space to get into another map a popup would show asking if you want to change maps. A simple "ENTER" key would confirm the response and you have a quick and easy way to change maps. If you don't want to switch maps then they simply press "ESC"     -Have a dedicated talk key. Again all up to you guys, but with a dedicated talk key, people like me can use the "WASD" keys to move around and hit something like the "D" key to chat to the nearest person. This is just a handy and useful shortcut that limits the use of the mouse. While not essential, I would highly recommend these little details to make your game more easily accessible.     -USE THE ESC KEY!!!!! A standard key use by modern games to make exiting menus, and toggling options/exitgame menus. As I said before, preference from users should be one of the priorities to making a good game, especially if they players are doing this to learn. That's all I can do today! Good luck on the game and I will look at anything you want me to! Give me a email at:

[Update] Forum posting does not recognize paragraphing or indenting! (So much for professional outline!) Many people request a leveling system and maybe a combat system. I know this game is for educational purposes but a little fun would help boost its reputation with the kids!