A Helpful Companion

A Helpful Companion

Among all the types of feedback being developed for Radix, communication with the player was one of the first considerations. Many open-world games bring a variety of strategies to the table.

Some games use the non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game to communicate all or most of the feedback. Sometimes these characters are simply civilians scattered throughout the digital world, who offer advice or quests when the player approaches them. World of Warcraft and the Elder Scrolls series employ this strategy. Other games, like the Final Fantasy series, will have characters accompany the player as part of their “party.” Sometimes a player gets a fantastical companion, such as Link’s fairy companions in the Legend of Zelda series. Other times, the player carries a gadget or other item to aid them, like the Pokedex in Pokemon. Some games include a central hub that radios the main character, like Alfred from the Batcave. Some games resort to simple pop-ups, like the God of War series, while others offer no hints at all.

Navi from Legend of Zelda

Pokedex from Pokemon

Out of all these choices and more, The Radix Endeavor is interested in giving players a companion to accompany them on their journey. Even this decision has raised more interesting choices. Is the companion a sagacious guide? A goofy comic-relief? A loveable animal?

As of this writing, the team has opted to pair the player with a wise owl. The owl is an island native, so it is knowledgeable of the island, its inhabitants, and its mysteries. The owl accompanies the player and knows how the player is acting and progressing.

When a player is stuck, the owl may swoop in with helpful hints or insights to get the player thinking again. The owl could also recommend resources for the player to learn more. The owl then flies away until needed again. The player can even manually call for his owl for help, but the owl may not help the player every time he is beckoned. The owl offers personalized advice for each player depending on the player’s needs and actions. We’re looking forward to how players will utilize and perhaps bond with their new feathered friends in the world of Radix.

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