Linux Users


Our school uses Ubuntu 14.04 as our operating system. We played the game today and had mixed issues. Mostly, the game would simply freeze or they were getting a "failure to load" issue. Firefox worked better, which is odd because Firefox uses the Pipelight plugin to run Flash, where Chrome uses a pepper based flash which usually equalizes any issues we have with flash.I was hoping this message could be sent to your development team somehow because I feel Ubuntu will become more and more widely used now that it has Pipelight and the fact that people are ok with the idea of chromebooks (works with flash, unity3d, activex, silverlight all versions, shockwave, adobe reader, etc.). Please look into the errors and see if there is any way to ensure the game works with pepper based flash, since Chrome is used for Chromebooks, Linux, and even Windows.Thank you. Great game when it was working!-Tom