Play The Radix Endeavor

Play The Radix Endeavor

The Beta version of The Radix Endeavor is here! Information on our project is still available at this link so you can read all about it:

If you are ready to dive in, register to play here.

Things of note:

  • Please create temporary accounts for now. You can even use a fake email address to register. At the end of the Beta period, we will do a full system purge of these accounts and start fresh.
  • If you selected the Teacher account type, please enter “MIT” as your school, and select MIT from the drop-down. The address info will auto-populate.

For Teacher accounts, the system creates an un-approved Teacher account when you first register. Un-approved Teacher accounts will not display the Dashboard feature at the top of the page. These accounts will be reviewed by Admins to be confirmed and approved. Once approved, you will see the Dashboard feature after log in. Please note that it may take up to 48-hrs for an unapproved Teacher account to be reviewed and approved.

This being our Beta release, you will likely encounter error messages. Please bear with us! We thank you for your patience as we work to continue to improve your game/website experience.

Questions? Contact us.

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