Plumebill Fan Fiction

This is a plumebill. You may have seen them wandering around, or heard about them from people around Ysola. You may have gathered that they are an important species to the people here, with a long history. But what exactly is that history and why are they so special to the Ysolians? Using what you know about plumebills from playing Radix, along with your own imagination, write a story describing the role plumebills have played in Ysolian history. Post your fan fiction here so others can read and build on your stories. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

*captures the Plumebill* I back up as the wild plumebill approaches- this is certainly a formal competitor! I am not sure if things are going to get hot, but this is quite the crazy foe. *Recedes into le corner*

As YellowHorse431 noticed the Plumebill is indeed a formal competitor.  But why is this?  Long ago, before the great war, Plumebills and Ysolians lived together in peace and harmony.  Until the fourth plague struck.  This plague demolished Ysolian crops causing widespread famine.  The Ysolians didn't look to the Plumebills as a source of food.  Soon however, the Plumebills proved to be malicious creatures committing dastardly deeds against the Ysolians.  The Plumebills created a disease that would spread among the crops, thus destroying them.   They created it using science.  They did this because it was clear that Ysolians, though living in peace with them, saw them as racially inferior.  The Plumebills would not accept this.  Finally, the tragic Great War broke out, killing thousands on both sides.  Both sides will never forget the horrors that came with the war. . .