Quest-giving Characters


There are lots of non-player characters in the Radix game that start quests, end quests, and help you on your way through quests. Have you met them all?
Ysola is a big place and this list may help you find who you're looking for. Let us know if there are quest-givers that should be added!

Aubergene - Marrowglen
Bagana - Craterthwaite
Borin - Caterpillar Clinic
Bulu - Bulu's House, Upper Sabetlan
Caldera - Sulfurious Sweep
Candaba - Caterwaul Clinic
Crake - Baobab
Danwell - Whisperwhick
Dar - The Menagerie
Dentry - Bladed Plains
Dr. Hannasus - Caterpillar Clinic
Dr. Jopanda - Caterwaul Clinic
Dr. Sulamir - Baobab
Elora - Caterpillar Clinic
Ember - Baobab
Erzu - Sedge's Edge
Felsic - Sulfurious Sweep
Fenokee - Caterwaul Clinic
Grame - Sabetrug Outskirts
Gussalen - Caterpillar Clinic
Huddington - Sabetlan Crossing
Illa - Murky Maws
Jedd - Sedge's Edge
Kellis - Murky Maws
Koling - Lower Sabetlan
Kyler - Whisperwhick
Lithia - Craterthwaite
Marabola - Sabetrug Ruins
Mek - Sedge's Edge
Mindy - Bladed Plains
Mundy - Bladed Plains
Null - Sabetrug Outskirts
Orothy - Forest Cave, Lednem Trail
Pali - Craterthwaite
Parslicus - Marrowglen
Pomeline - Caterpillar Clinic
Poplar - Canopellia
Prunessa - Lednem Wilds
Ranya - Sabetrug Ruins
Snap - Bladed Crossing
Sol - Sulfurious Crossing
Stashia - Murky Crossing
Sudd - Caterwaul Clinic
Sunny - Sedge's Edge
Tambora - Sulfurious Sweep
Tonie - Sedge's Edge
Transom - Baobab
Tully - Lednem Crossing
Tungsten - Lava Cavern, Sulfurious Sweep
Ubinas - Magmallow
Viv - Sabetlan Crossing
Wendell - Whisperwhick
Wilder - Bladed Crossing
Witani - Lower Sabetlan
Xalvador - Caterpillar Clinic
Yemil - Whisperwhick

Wow, That's a lot of quests. Some get pretty tedious