Radix First Steps

Radix First Steps

Now that you’ve created an account to the Radix Endeavor website and are wondering what to do next, here are some tips on getting started.

Playing the game You arrive on the island of Ysola, in an area dubbed Bladed Plains. Ysola is an earth-like world populated with people. Approach the child near you. She’ll send you on your way. Use the left-click and hold on your mouse to travel, or you can use WASD keys on your keyboard.

What to expect in game We began with a tutorial quest line to help get you oriented as a player. Following that, there are topic quest lines on genetics and geometry to get started – and we’ve got much more to come. A few notes to help you if you get stuck:

  • Game progress is being saved, so once you have completed a quest with an account you won’t be able to play that quest again. You can, of course, always create a new account.
  • If at any point you are disconnected from the game (whether by interruption of service or if you chose to log out), your in-game location will not be saved. When you re-enter the game, your character will return to Bladed Plains.
  • Information on your quest objectives and quest items are not saved when disconnected. If you are disconnected from the game while you have an open quest in your quest log, please drop this quest and begin again. (Please see note from earlier that *Completed* quest cannot be restarted.)

Using the website If you registered for a Teacher account, you begin with an unapproved Teacher account, which allows you to play the game right away. Once a Teacher account has been approved, you will see additional features under Dashboard. There are many Dashboard features in progress; you’re welcome to check out what we have so far. Dashboard tools include:

  • Create Class
  • Manage Class
  • Create Student

On-going Project We are continuing to polish our quests, in game tools and website features during the Beta period. If you find bugs as you make your way through the game, that is expected! You can send us feedback at:

radixhelp (at) mit.edu

We will monitor that mailing list for feedback, however we won’t be able to reply to each message. If you have questions related to the project and need a reply, contact us here.

Thank you for joining us during the Beta period and thank you for playing!

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