un-assign or reorder quests


I want to have the students complete the tutorial quest before moving on to the Algebra I quest, but I cannot find a way to shuffle the tutorial up to the top, or to remove the Algebra I quest from the list.Any thoughts?

When a new player enters the world, they must complete the tutorial quests first. When they finish talking to Dr. Sulamir, a whole bunch of other quests (including the first algebra quest) will be added to the list in their quest log. So if you don't do anything special, they will have to do the tutorial quests first. After that, as a teacher you can assign the Algebra 1 quest line from the teacher dashboard. Once you do that, the other quests will still be available but the assigned quests will have a green exclamation point indicating the students' teacher has assigned it to them. I hope that makes sense!
-The Radix Team