Menji Family Reunion

Menji Family Reunion: Investigate Menji traits across three regions and collect data to find out which varieties are most prevalent in each biome. Talk with locals in each area to gather clues about how the menjis that live there came to be that way. Using that evidence and the concepts of selection pressures and inheritance, figure out how evolution has shaped the current menji populations.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

Disciplinary Core Ideas:

Plumebillian History 101

Provide proof to stop Antiokos from cutting down all the palunculus trees. Collect data from a number of different sources on plumebill neck length at various points in time, and put the data together into a timeline to find out how this trait has changed and what the time scale of evolution can look like.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

Disciplinary Core Ideas:

  • LS4.A: Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity
  • LS4.B: Natural Selection
  • LS4.C: Adaptation


Under Construction

Protect animals being rescued from Antiokos's cruel labs by designing and building rectangular pens to keep them safe, as well as to construct gardens to grow their food. Consider the animals' specific needs, as well as constraints on space and materials that Curiosi members can provide. Use concepts of area, perimeter, and optimization to build the best pens possible.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

How do the external assessments work?

High school math or biology teachers are invited to use the external assessments as part of the pilot. These are online tests that are taken pre and post quest use. If you are interested in using the assessments, please register for Pilot Option B and we will send you more information. Please see the Teachers section for more information on our Pilot Options.

Do I need to fill out consent forms in order to participate in the pilot?

No. Unless researchers are coming to visit your classroom, external consent forms are not necessary. Players must agree to the user license agreement in order to play. No individual identifying information is being collected. If you have concerns about data use and privacy, please contact us for further details.


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