Can I add words to the game’s profanity filter?

Teachers cannot directly customize the “blacklist” of words which are censored by the profanity filter. However, if you have come across words that you think should be added, please email your suggestions to radixhelp (at) mit (dot) edu. Once we have collected a number of words that should be considered profanity, we will periodically update the blacklist. We appreciate your help in fine-tuning this safety feature.

Preparing for the Pilot

Good news! We will officially launch our pilot testing period on February 3, 2014. The game is currently undergoing a series of major updates in preparation for this official pilot research period. One of these major updates took place last week, which included significant changes to many quests and game tools. And here's the not-so-good news: these changes were serious enough so that it was necessary to reset all quests progress. So, if you suspect that your game progress has been lost recently, that is unfortunately true.

Breeders Beware

Discover the rich variety of traits in the flora and fauna of Ysola. Learn how to breed for certain phenotypes and apply those skills to help the villagers cure diseases, detect mold, and more. Identify the relevant genotypes and inheritance patterns, and use Punnett squares to teach the villagers how to breed the traits they need themselves.

*This quest line is lengthy and many of the individual quests have several parts to them.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

Disciplinary Core Ideas:

Window of Opportunity

Ember is trying to finish construction on a clinic in Baobab Village. The construction workers in charge of the windows have abandoned the project and the player needs to help finish the project by cutting and fitting correctly shaped triangular glass pieces.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

Rubble Rouser

The Curioisi want to build a new city based on the ruins of an old city. The player travels to the ruins to measure the old buildings and create scale maps that can be used to create the new city.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

To Market To Market

Player enters a marketplace where merchants are trading goods. Several characters will ask the player to help them with their trades in order to earn currency or specific goods. In this quest line, players have to keep track of the values of goods and unit conversions in order to make the most beneficial trades.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

  • CCSSM Practice 2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively
  • CCSSM Practice 4: Model with Mathematics
  • CCSSM Number and Quantity Standard N-Q: Reason quantitatively and use units to solve problems

Radix First Steps

Now that you’ve created an account to the Radix Endeavor website and are wondering what to do next, here are some tips on getting started.

Playing the game
You arrive on the island of Ysola, in an area dubbed Bladed Plains. Ysola is an earth-like world populated with people. Approach the child near you. She’ll send you on your way. Use the left-click and hold on your mouse to travel, or you can use WASD keys on your keyboard.

Fun With Phenotypes

When you make a game, designing the game mechanics (what the player does and how the game experience feels) is a huge part of the job. Writing the game content (all the stories, characters, and tasks) is another huge job! Writing content for an educational game is even trickier because we have to make the content appropriate to the game, fun and engaging, and also true to the concepts being taught in the game.

Teacher Confrences

Last month we went to both NSTA (science teachers conference) and NCTM (math teachers conference) to present on Radix. We talked to teachers about why an MMO is a good fit for STEM learning, what the Radix gameplay experience is like, and where we are in our current phase of production.


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