Prototype Testing With Students Begins

So what are we working on these days you might ask? There are many pieces that go into developing a game such as Radix but one of our main areas of focus for the 2012-2013 school year is testing prototypes with students. Well before the game is completely developed, we are hard at work testing out everything from narratives to in-game tools. Once we decide on a particular curriculum topic and create a quest, we make a prototype of that quest.These can be either simple computer based tasks or even paper activities that will mimic what students will do in the game.

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To all the teachers, students and players who participated in our 2014-2015 research project: THANK YOU!

The Radix Endeavor Project is now on hiatus. User support will be limited starting 2016 as we re-allocate our research staff onto other projects at MIT STEP Lab. While you can continue to reach us via our contact form, we will be unable to reply to your requests quickly and regularly.


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