Radix First Steps

Now that you’ve created an account to the Radix Endeavor website and are wondering what to do next, here are some tips on getting started.

Playing the game You arrive on the island of Ysola, in an area dubbed Bladed Plains. Ysola is an earth-like world populated with people. Approach the child near you. She’ll send you on your way. Use the left-click and hold on your mouse to travel, or you can use WASD keys on your keyboard.

Fun With Phenotypes

When you make a game, designing the game mechanics (what the player does and how the game experience feels) is a huge part of the job. Writing the game content (all the stories, characters, and tasks) is another huge job! Writing content for an educational game is even trickier because we have to make the content appropriate to the game, fun and engaging, and also true to the concepts being taught in the game.

Teacher Conference

Last month we went to both NSTA (science teachers conference) and NCTM (math teachers conference) to present on Radix. We talked to teachers about why an MMO is a good fit for STEM learning, what the Radix gameplay experience is like, and where we are in our current phase of production.

The Radix Team

Eric Klopfer, the PI on the Radix project, recently wrote this article describing how not only his teams but each team member has interdisciplinary expertise. The Radix team is no exception and on a highly collaborative project like this, it’s essential that each team member be able to not only understand the problems others are grappling with but contribute to them as well.

A Helpful Companion

Among all the types of feedback being developed for Radix, communication with the player was one of the first considerations. Many open-world games bring a variety of strategies to the table.

Kinds of Feedback

In my last post, I stressed the importance of feedback in digital games, as well as the variety of feedback that exists. In an educational game like Radix, there are three primary concerns: game feedback, educational feedback, and the audience.


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