ECO1.1 Hungry Hungry Schloggens


Talk to Illa in Murky Maws. Find out why her schloggens are hungry and help her by figuring out what the wild schloggens eat.


This quest begins the ecosystems quest line. Players will carry out investigations to determine population sizes, food webs and simulate changes in the environment. This particular quest introduces the “stool tool”, a tool used to determining what an animal eats. Players will use this tool in order to determine predator-prey relationships. This quest line is best used after students have some knowledge of food webs and how they are created.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Determine organism’s function within an ecosystem
Connecting Questions: 
  1. Why is it important to study what animals eat?
  2. Why is the stool tool helpful in this case? What other methods could you use to determine what an animal eats?
  3. Why would animals in found in different locations have different food sources?
Additional Resources: