ECO1.7 Save the Mudweavers

Previous Quest: 

Help Kellis rebalance the ecosystem by running some simulations to figure out how to increase the mudweaver population.


This quest is very similar to the fourth quest in the line where players are using the simulation in order to propose a solution to an ecosystem problem. Kellis, the NPC, tells the player that it is important to experiment with several solutions in the simulation before trying anything out in the world. He also notes that one of the obvious solutions may actually be difficult to implement so players should try several solutions. Unlike in previous quests, the instructions do not give the players any starting options – the quest is open ended and has more than one solution.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Use a simulation to propose ecosystem changes
Connecting Questions: 
  1. What was your approach to trying to solve the problem? There were not set directions given and students may have tried many different options. Encourage them to discuss why they tried what they did.
  2. Which solution was best? Did you find multiple solutions that worked?
  3. Why was it important to try out different options in the simulation before trying them out in the world? Ask students if they tried solutions that actually make the balance in the ecosystem worse.
  4. Encourage students to think about food webs in much the same was as discussed in the question from the previous quest.
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