EV1.4: Menji Mania


Help Dar make sense of the different menji varieties by answering her questions and find out about her undercover work. You learn that all menjis originated in the same place but now they are different. Help Dar to understand why.


This quest ends the quest line about traits influenced by environment. It has a series of questions that ask players why certain traits would have led to the death of the animal. It is a good formative assessment of how players connect environment and traits. It can be used before or during an introduction to how environment affects evolution.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will be able to explain trait variation as a result of environmental factors
Connecting Questions: 
  1. Why are the menjis in each region different?
  2. Let students predict what might happen in the menjis in one region migrated to another region (a very hot region – short fur adaptation, a very dark region full of caves – large eyes/better eyesight adaptation)
  3. Discuss what heritable traits are and how they are passed down (individuals with undesirable traits often die before they can reproduce).
Additional Resources: