GM3.1: Animal House

Quest Line: 

Poplar tells you about the rescue operation the Curiosi are doing to remove animals from the labs of Antiokos. She has build a pen for a rescued jipsnout but isn’t sure which animal will fit. Find a jipsnout that will fit the pen given the space constraints on the animal.


The initial quest in the line is used to familiarize players with taking animal measurements. This will lead up to more complicated geometric modeling using area and perimeter. This quest line is well suited for use before teaching optimization in geometry but assumes that players know basics of calculating area and perimeter. Measurements for the jipsnouts vary and players may have to measure several before finding one that fits.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Apply a geometric model to satisfy physical constraints
  • Using basic arithmetic to determine constraints
Connecting Questions: 
  1. How did you determine which jipsnout would fit in the pen?
  2. Did you find multiple animals that would fit or only one?
  3. Would your jipsnout have had any additional room in the pen or did you find an exact fit?
  4. The dimensions given for the jipsnout in the game are basic length, width and height. Clearly the animal is not shaped like a rectangular prism. This is a good place to discuss how to model animals or other things in nature as simple shapes.
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