GM3.5: Stinglade Seeds

Quest Line: 
Previous Quest: 

Yemil needs a garden fence to help her grow stinglades. Build a fence using only the 30 tooms of fencing available. Then report the area back to Yemil so she knows how many stinglades to plant.


This quest is the first in a set that lead up to optimization of the fencing for the stinglades. Here players learn to build a fence using a specific amount of material. The shape and area are not important here. The fence builder tool will calculate the area and perimeter for the player if they need it.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Make a geometric construction (geometric construction)
  • Create a shape with a given perimeter (area/perimeter calculations)
Connecting Questions: 
  1. How did you determine the side lengths for your pen?
  2. Did you try to make any particular shape?
  3. Have students compare what areas they got depending on which sides they chose. This begins a discussion of optimization of maximum area for a given perimeter.
  4. Offer students additional practice on making shapes with a given perimeter beyond just the rectangles that the fence builder provides.
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