GN1.7: A Splotchy Situation

Quest Line: 
Previous Quest: 

Prunessa is trying to understand the inheritance pattern of colors in brightwits. Help her by breeding splotchy brightwits and answering her questions.


This quest introduces codominance as an inheritance pattern. It has the players discover the pattern before actually discussing it and giving it a name. It is a good quest to do before the discussion of codominance.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will codominant traits
  • Players will be able breed for a specific trait using the codominant inheritance pattern
Connecting Questions: 
  1. What was different about this cross as compared to the previous two?
  2. In the game, the genotypes are denoted with capital letters – discuss how dominant and codominant traits are denoted differently
  3. Have students try to come up with, or discuss different examples of codominance
  4. What happens if you breed together two organisms that both display codominant traits? Discuss offspring rations from codominant crosses.