Getting Started

Welcome to the Radix Endeavor! Here are a few steps to begin your journey:

  1. Create a user account. Click on "Play Game" at the top of the page and select "Register an Account." If you are a teacher and would like a teacher account, read more about it here.
  2. Once you have successfully registered an account and logged in with your username and password, create a character! Click on "Enter World" below the selected character to proceed.
  3. Choose an instance. If you know of a friend who you'd like to play with, be sure that you are both in the same instance.

The Game

You arrive on the island of Ysola in an area dubbed Bladed Plains. Ysola is an earth-like world populated with human-like people. Speak to the girl with the exclamation point over her head; she'll start you in your adventure. Using your mouse, left-click and hold to travel, or you can use WASD keys on your keyboard.

We begin with a tutorial questline to help get you oriented as a player. Following that, you will receive curriculum topic questlines. A few notes on what to expect as you play:

  • Game progress is saved. Once you have completed a quest using a particular character, you won't be able to play that quest again. You can, however, create a new character within your account.
  • If you'd like start a quest from the beginning, you do have the option of dropping a quest, using your Quest Log. Completed quests cannot be restarted.
  • The game work is full of creatures and plants. As you enter/exist various zones, it is populated with creatures and plants that may look similar but in fact exhibit a variety of traits. Experiment!


If you are playing The Radix Endeavor through a school or community program, your teacher or guide would have created a Student Account for you in Radix. You will be assigned a username and password to log in when your teacher/guide is ready to begin the journey into Radix as part of your program's curriculum. You will still have the option of creating your own avatar and character name.


There’s lots to learn about Radix, including the backstory of the island of Ysola, how to use the tools within the game world. Visit our Videos & Webinars section to learn more!