ECO1.3 Schloggen Snacks

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Find out who has been snacking on Illa's schloggens and create a food web to explain it to her.


In this quest, players have to create a food web to show how the schloggens fit into the ecosystem. It helps if they have some knowledge of how to draw a food web (producers, consumers, arrows). The tool will help the player by showing which relationships have been proved based on the stool data they have collected. A key misconception is the direction of the arrows in the food web and a common reason for having trouble with the quest. The quest does not specifically identify producers and consumers. It is recommended to tie this back into a classroom lesson – see Connecting Questions.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Create a food web based on collected data
Connecting Questions: 
  1. What was your strategy for creating the food web?
  2. Which organisms are at which level in the food web? (Flemstool – producer, Schloggen – primary consumer, glumbug – secondary consumer)
  3. How does making food webs help us to understand an ecosystem? (this is preparation for the next quest which will involve simulating what happens when one piece of the food web is altered).
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