ECO1.4 Swamp Thing

Previous Quest: 

Illa is worried about over-harvesting the flemstool in the area. Run some simulations to find out if it would cause problems in the swamp ecosystem.


This quest introduces using models and simulations in order to solve problems and make predictions. In this case, players must use the Eco Globe, a simulation tool, to determine what will happen if a certain plant is over-harvested. By adjusting initial conditions in the simulations, players will be able to see the effects on different populations over time.

If students have never had experience with using simulations, it will be especially important to discuss their use and importance once they are finished with the quest.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Use a simulation to make predictions
Connecting Questions: 
  1. What kind of information does the Eco Globe provide? Discuss how a simulation works (inputs, a backend model, graph predictions)
  2. Why is a simulation useful in making predictions? Discuss how it allows you to “make changes” to a system in order to see short and long term effects.
  3. What did this simulation show you? What happens if you over-harvest?
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