EV2.1: Stretch It Out


Find out what Antiokos is trying to do to the plumebills, and how Dar is trying to thwart his plans. Measure plumebills' neck lengths to help her prove her point.

Followed by: Quest EV2.2, EV2.3 or EV2.4 (can be done in any order following 2.1)


In this quest line players are looking at evolutionary traits over time. This initial quest is just looking at traits of currently living plumebills so that players can make comparisons later on. This quest line can be used as an introduction to tracking traits over time in order for players to discover how things change and on what time scale.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will be able to create data summary
Connecting Questions: 
  1. Why do you think Dar might be concerned about Antiokos’s plans to change the height of the palunculus tree – the plumebills food source?
  2. Do you think the plumebills can just grow longer necks?
  3. This is a good point to bring up Lamarckian evolution – players will be asked to disprove this by the end of the quest.
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