GM2.2: Refectory Disrepair

Quest Line: 

Marabola has a partially finished map of the refectory ruins near her, Measure the refectory ruins and use this information to set the correct map scale and complete the map.


This quest is the only one in the line that can potentially be used to introduce the concept of scale as players are completing a nearly finished map. However, we recommend that the whole line be used as practice and reinforcement instead of as intro material.

* Players are working in a unit of measure called “tooms” which is unique to the game world.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will compare similar figures to determine scale factor
  • Players will use properties of similar figures to determine the missing side lengths of figures
  • Players will use ratios to create scale drawings
  • Players will use units to solve problems
Connecting Questions: 
  1. How did you determine what the scale for the map was? Did it matter that the units were not familiar?
  2. What ratios did you set up to find the missing sides of the building?
  3. Why is it important that a map is drawn to scale? What would happen if it was not?
  4. Offer students additional practice with the concept of scale in other situations, i.e – A map legend says that 1 in = 3 miles. If a road on the map is 6 inches, how long is the road in the real world?
  5. You may also choose to build upon the quest but giving students corresponding problems where they need to complete scale maps with additional shapes – this particular quest uses only rectangles as an introduction.