GM2.5: The Cricket District

Quest Line: 

Marabola likes the three buildings in the Cricket District but not their layout. Select three individual maps, one for each building that can be used to layout a new scale map.


This quest should be used after students are reasonably comfortable with scale. The focus here is on making sure that all three individual building maps are the same scale so that they can be used for one larger map.

* There are multiple correct combinations for this quest. As long as all of the buildings are of the same scale, the quest is correct, however, some players may select a combination where the scale is 2:1, others may select 3:1, etc.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will compare similar figures to determine scale factor
  • Players will use ratios to determine if figures are similar
  • Players will use units to solve problems
Connecting Questions: 
  1. How did you determine which three maps to use?
  2. Was it difficult or confusing to try to find the three correct maps?
  3. What was the scale of your buildings? Was it the same scale that other people used?
  4. Does it matter what scale you choose as long as all of the buildings match?
  5. For additional practice, give students other combinations of scaled shapes and have them choose the combinations that can be used to create maps.
  6. Why might you choose to use a certain scale for a map? *This is a good prompt for the following quest where students will be able to pick what scale they want for their own map