GM2.6: The Falcon District

Quest Line: 

Create a scale map of the Falcon District. There is no set scale as long as all of the buildings can fit on one map page. The scale is left up to the player. Draw correct buildings, label the scale on the map and return it to Marabola.


This is the culminating quest in the scale maps chain. It is open ended and allows players to choose their own scale for a map and draw out the plans as they like. Students may want paper and pencil to sketch out the maps and figure out an appropriate scale.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will use ratios to create scale drawings
  • Players will construct shapes using geometric software
  • Players will use units to solve problems
Connecting Questions: 
  1. What was your strategy for creating a map?
  2. How did you decide what scale to use?
  3. Did students in the class all choose the same scale – why did people chose different scales?
  4. How did you decide the layout of the city?
  5. Besides architects, who else might use scale drawings?
  6. What does it mean to make a scale model? (Talk about scale in 3 dimensions)
  7. Give students a chance to create a scale drawing, perhaps of objects in the room, the layout of the school, an imaginary city/structure