GN1.4.2: Farmers Have Lots to Say

Quest Line: 
Previous Quest: 

Meet farmers Wendell and Danwell in Whisperwick. Work with Wilder to learn about zyborisers genotypes to help solve the farmers' problems.


The quests that are part of the 4.x line deal with discovering dominant and recessive traits and how they influence inheritance patterns. This particular quest asks players to figure out if and how you can get a recessive phenotype from breeding two organisms that display a dominant phenotype. This quest is a good way of discovering the patterns without being explicitly told what they are.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will understand dominant and recessive traits
  • Player will be able to use a Punnett Square to predict offspring from a particular set of parents
Connecting Questions: 
  1. How was it possible for one farmer to grow both types of plants?
  2. Would Danwell, the farmer growing the non puffy zybos ever be able to grow puffy zybos from his plant?
  3. What different combinations of plants did you try breeding and what were the various outcomes?
  4. Would it be possible to selectively breed for one particular type or another?
  5. Discuss examples that students might relate to (2 brown eyed parents have a child with blue eyes).