GN1.4.3: Zybo-tastic

Quest Line: 

After experimenting with the various seeds and offspring from both farmers’ plants, return to Wilder to try to explain to him what is going on.


This particular quest asks players to translate the experiments from the previous quest into Mendelian inheritance patterns and classic genetics terms. It is important to make sure that players can make the transfer from what they play in the game to the formal genetics content.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Players will understand dominant and recessive traits
  • Player will be able to explain how the basics of Mendelian genetics
Connecting Questions: 
  1. Review vocabulary and dominant/recessive inheritance patterns
  2. Have students discuss the experiments that they tried while trying to figure out the problem of the farmer’s crops. This can be related to the early experiments that Mendel did with pea plants.