ST1.5: Sibling Rivalry

Quest Line: 

Help resolve a dispute between Caldera and Felsic about how to make their pest nets keep shriekers out. They need help figuring out a good size to make the holes in the net based on the average size of the shriekers.


This quest asks players to determine the difference between mode and median, the different information that they provide and which measure should be used in different cases. It asks players to think about how using the same data set can lead to different conclusions.

Learning Objectives: 

Players will be able to understand the difference between median and mode and when to use each measure

Connecting Questions: 

1. Discuss the three measures of central tendency that the players have used during the statistics quest lines (mean, median, mode)

2. When would you want to use the different measures (outliers, frequency)?

3. Are there cases where using the wrong measure could lead to a misleading conclusion? (if you want an average size, but use the mode, etc)

4. **The quest line does not talk about standard deviation. It could be brough up in discussion here about outliers and how this can affect using mean vs. median.

Additional Resources: