Data Detective

Investigate Antiokos's most recent claims about grabbleshells, blackburns, and other species from around Ysola. Find out how his sweeping generalizations might negatively affect the people of the island and help them determine whether the studies are accurate or not. Using concepts like mean, median, mode, and sample size, collect data and analyze it to prove who is lying with data and what should be done about it.

Standards Covered in Quest line:

• CCSSM Practice #3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
• CCSSM Practice #4: Use appropriate tools strategically
• CCSSM Practice #7: Look for and make use of structure
• CCSSM Statistics Standard S-ID 2: Use statistics appropriate to the shape of the data distribution to compare center (median, mean) and spread (standard deviation) of two or more different data sets
• CCSSM Statistics Standard S-IC 1: Understand statistics as a process for making inferences about population parameters based on a random sample from that population
• CCSSM Statistics Standard S-IC, 3: Make inferences and justify conclusions from sample