ST1.1: Spines vs. Shells

Quest Line: 

Talk to Pali in Craterthwaite. Help him determine whether the lavaspines he plans on catching will fit into the crates made for average grabbleshells.


This quest introduces very basic concepts in statistics – collecting a set of data in order to determine an average. It also asks player to compare two data sets by looking at the averages of each in order to make a conclusion – on average, which species is taller?. Players are given a minimum sample size that they need in order to calculate the mean.

The second part of the quest asks the player to answer specific questions about what an average represents (are all animals the same height as the average? What use is calculating a mean?)

*The Data Explorer tool in the game does the calculations for the player. The emphasis of the quest is not on the math behind the calculation of the mean, but rather on how to use statistical information to make decisions.

*The text in the quest uses the word average – players need to submit a data summary with the MEAN, not the MEDIAN

Learning Objectives: 

· Players will collect data and create a data summary

· Players will be able to use a mean to compare data sets

· Players will understand how a mean is useful

Connecting Questions: 

1. Why was it useful to calculate the mean heights of both species?

2. Why can the mean be a good measure of a population?

3. This quest does not discuss standard deviation – it could be brought up at this point as an extension

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