ST1.2: The Ashberry Anomaly

Quest Line: 
Previous Quest: 

The government is warning people against eating ashberries due to reportedly unhealthy blackburns. However, the evidence appears suspect and Lithia is worried about her pie business. Investigate the blackburns to help her figure out what's going on.


This quest introduces how statistics can be misleading and why it is important to examine the data source that. Once players have collected and summarized their own data, they are asked to think about why their results might look different from the report that is being published by the government. Players are also asked to think about how to make samples more reliable –particularly sample size in this case.

*This quest leads directly into the next quest where players will examine a larger data set for the same problem

Learning Objectives: 

• Players will collect data and create a data summary

• Players will begin to understand how data sampling can create misleading conclusions

Connecting Questions: 

1. Did the data you collected match up with the data from the government report? (answer should be no)

2. How big was your sample size and where did you collect it from?

3. Do you know anything about how the government sample was collected?

4. If time allows, find a few current examples of statistical reports in local papers and have students try to determine what the sample was (size, group, location)

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