ST1.3: Crowdsourced!

Quest Line: 

The government is warning about abnormally large blackburns, but initial surveys can't replicate their results. Lithia is organizing a larger study to get to the truth. Collect and interpret data to be a part of the investigative team.


This quest asks players to think about what else, in addition to size, could bias a data sample. In a continuation of the previous quest, players are given a summary from a much larger data sample of blackburns (N=12 in previous quest, N=300 in current quest). These data still contradict the government survey and players look at additional differences in how data was collected.

*Players are given the government survey and will need to read details from the inventory in order to learn more about how data was collected.

Learning Objectives: 

• Players will collect data and create a data summary

• Players will understand how location can influence sampling

Connecting Questions: 

1. Why was it important to sample birds from multiple regions?

2. Was there much a difference between the two regions?

The majority of questions about sampling bias due to location should be brought up after Question 1.4.2

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