GN1.6: Mold in the Mines

Parslicus needs help breeding milkflies in order to detect a toxic mold that is causing problems in the mine. Breed and bring him two milkflies that have a pointed proboscis and tastebuds on their feet. Additionally bring him a Punnett Square so that he can see how to breed more. *This is a dihybrid cross.

GN1.4.1: Farmer Follies

While Prunessa works on the Prickle Cure, she sends you out to help other Curiosi members. Go visit Wilder who is working on food production. He tells you that there are two farmers who are fighting and have stopped crop production. Wilder sends you off to try to end the fight between the farmers.

GN1.3.2: Flower Power

Prunessa needs two red flowers that have been bred by the player. Players will use the trait cross station in order to breed flowers from the ones collected in the previous quest.

* Depending on the genotypes of the red flowers collected by the player, some may find that they have been able to bred yellow flowers as well. However, Prunessa only wants the red flowers.

GN1.3.1: Myzle Mania

Prunessa wants to learn more about how to breed flowers so that she can grow her own. Collect two red Myzle flowers to begin breeding experiments.

*The only requirement for collecting the flowers is that they must be red. The other traits of the flowers will vary from player to player.


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